Our  Line Up of On Demand Webinars

Our exclusive design-focused webinars showcase the most current and cutting edge soft design business practices as well as the latest trends in color, fashion, and style. Even better, you can learn at your own convenience,. Grab a beverage, log on and  binge watch!


Become A Bedding Master

Jackie and Deb examine the best examples of inspired and solution driven top of bed bedding, linens and accessories. Gain an understanding of how bedding can be a revenue booster and discover the nuances in the custom design process that make it all work. We’ll offer you the tips and secrets that the pros know that go beyond the basics. We’ll discuss how to make a bed correctly, storage, pillow placement options, bed linens. and sheeting to name a few.



Designer’s Guide to Upholstery Anatomy

Join Soft Design Lab for The Designer’s Guide to Upholstery Anatomy with Kristin Drohan, Kristin Drohan Collection. This comprehensive fabrication primer gives designers the knowledge to match the exact quality with the proper price point. Kristin breaks down each upholstery component and the methods you can use to execute the construction. You can then categorize it by low, medium and high, so you know what you should be paying at each level. Learn the proper industry terminology to empower you to appropriately source upholstered furniture for your clients. If you are specifying upholstery, you should take this class.

PLUS in a bonus session, Kristin will give you an update of what’s hot in the world of upholstery fabrics, finishes and frame trends. We will show you the chicest color, embellishments and treatments being used in the current market today.


Fabrics for the Home—Decoding Labels to Predict Performance

Customers are now asking for Performance Fabrics in their homes. Do we know what is required to meet their expectations? Is it clear which new product to use when? Is it necessary to apply contract standards to the home? A logical first response is to look at a fabric’s label for clear answers, however each vendor presents a different assortment of information. Scenarios will be used to illustrate how interpretation of data on these labels can lead to more informed decision-making and happier clients.

Whether you are new to the trade or have been specifying fabrics for years, this class with Patricia Hoffman, Thibaut, Manager of Wovens, will provide a unique framework for evaluating fabrics based on the end use in a residential environment.


Instagram Deep Dive

Join Kimberly Lewis and dive deep into Instagram and learn how to use this powerful visual platform to showcase your design work, engage users and build brand awareness. This webinar will cover everything from creating curated content, developing a hashtag strategy, connecting with your community in an effect way to build brand loyalty and much more. We will build a solid foundation and equip you with tips and strategies to catapult your business in front of an engaged audience that can’t wait to delve into your design work.


Instagram 2.0

In this webinar we will build upon the foundation ideas and concepts that we’ve previously touched upon. We will cover topics such as using analytics data and engagement to plan the perfect post, how to find business opportunities and network on instagram, how to analyze competitors and grow your fan base through engagement, discover how to use Instagram influencers or even dip your toes into becoming one yourself and much more!


How to Build Strong Client Relationships for Your Success and Survival

Consideration, patience, respect and trust are all paramount in any professional relationship. Yet consistently having these attributes with clients can be a challenge. Interior designer, Paula Grace Halewski will give you invaluable tools to develop positive communication with your clients, customers and colleagues. In this dynamic, interactive and entertaining seminar, Paula will review touch points that are crucial to form and maintain healthy, productive interactions. Understanding why a relationship derails and what can be done to prevent this, what’s in our control and what’s not and much more will be discussed.


The Good, Bad and Ugly of Window Coverings

We’ve all seen our share of window covering projects in our careers. Some make us shake our heads; some make us smile and some; well we’re at a loss for words. This fast-paced seminar will cover the gamut of today’s window treatments- the good, bad and ugly. You’ll hear some interesting rants and stories about inappropriate choices, bad installations and treatment no-no’s as well as treatments that wowed, surprised and just plain crushed it! You’ll come away with great tips for your own custom soft window covering projects.


 Quick Sketching with Jackie Von Tobel

Available  ON DEMAND 

Having the ability to accurately sketch ideas, designs, and instructions gives designers a competitive edge and shows their clients that they have the skills necessary to do a professional job.  Anyone can produce professional looking sketches for their clients if they know the secrets and short cuts that Jackie has perfected over the course of her career.  During this hands on, interactive 2.5 hour seminar, participants will be introduced to the basics of Jackie’s easy quick rendering system and they will learn to use simple repetitive shapes to create scale drawings quickly and accurately.  This amazing seminar will have you drawing immediately and give you the confidence to use your rendering skills on the job to impress and delight your clients and communicate more effectively with your workroom.


  • Four + hours of online video instruction
  • Draw along with Jackie line by line
  • Templates, Worksheets, and Cheat sheets downloads
  • E-book guide
  • Detailed online critique of your final drawing and follow up
  • 60 minute phone consultation with Jackie 
Course Price   $350.00