02 Feb

Do I Really Need to Go to Market?

10704180_10152494869712672_2399195704626047477_nRecently, I was asked this exact question. So, I thought this would be a good opportunity to share why Jackie and I feel Market is a MUST. We understand that designers who have never been can either be intimidated to go; assume it is not a good use of their money or time or just really don’t understand what it is. But, HP becomes the center of the design universe twice a year. With almost everyone in our industry all in one place, Market provides unparalleled opportunities. Here’s our top six reasons to go to Market.

  1. The depth and breadth of products. This almost goes without saying. High Point like other markets or shows is a one stop shop. From flagship showrooms showing every piece in their catalog to new brands launching their inaugural lines, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store.KiLimhomeDJEMuniquedesign-1135
  2. Nothing beats seeing it in person. Latest product launches are great, but more importantly, you get to see what a piece is really like.  Especially in this digital age- a finish, a color, patina, or texture- all of these can’t always be conveyed digitally successfully. Not to mention scale and proportion, there is also something to be said for the emotional connection between viewer and piece. Seeing it up close and personal you get a feeling or it conveys a mood. IMG_4014
  3. Spotting and validating trends. I know this is one of those overworked buzz words in the industry, but going to Market keeps you ahead-of-the-curve. Example: we saw tufted upholstery starting to wane last Spring and being replaced with tuck and roll looks, channels and diamonds. That conclusion came from being at Market and I can now use that information in working with clients especially when they are purchasing investment pieces.market ambella
  4. Learning the design narrative and backstory. It’s not about just seeing the objects, but the story and inspiration behind the collection and brand. Every piece has a story to tell about the designers whose brainchild it was, people who built it from the ground up.market arteriors
  5. Build a better bottom line.  Better product choices can lead to more profitable margins. Catalogs can always deliver the message. Its those one- of- a-kind discoveries or the hidden treasures you otherwise wouldn’t have known about that have can give you better margins and help you position your brand.market wesleyhall-0144
  6. Building relationships in person can deliver value season after season, no matter the economic climate.  Markets have a longstanding reputation as the best place to create and cultivate a successful networks. “You’d be amazed at what manufacturers will do for you when you ask.” through face-to-face communication and eye-to-eye contact.market mastour-7881
  7. Unequaled Networking. Last, but certainly not least is all the amazing networking. To be surrounded by people who are driven by the same passion is an experience that is enlightening and energizing.

If you are a new professional and even if you have a degree in interior design you probably only had a semester or 2 of materials and specs class. If it’s a second career for you- again you haven’t had the type of exposure to products, materials, innovation that you’ll see at market. market design legacy

Join us on the High Point Market VIP tour and experience it for yourself! 


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