04 Oct

Creative Spotlight – Kimberly Lewis Home


This month we are thrilled to introduce you to Kimberly Lewis of Kimberly Lewis Home, a bespoke wallpaper company based in Brooklyn, New York.  Kimberly is a creative dynamo who has mastered private label product manufacturing in  big way and she did it by using social media to promote and market her product.


Later this month on Wednesday, October 19 at 12:00 pm EST –  9:00 am PST she will be hosting a webinar for Soft Design Lab that will teach you how to use social media to aggressively promote your own business.  But before we get to that let’s learn a bit more about this creative powerhouse.


Kimberly Lewis is a wallpaper and product designer based in Brooklyn, NY.  She founded her company in 2011 and shortly after was dubbed by Apartment Therapy as one of the “8 Brooklyn Wallpaper Designers To Watch”  Kimberly holds a Bachelors of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute and studied Textile Design at the Danish Design School. Outside of her own company Kimberly has designed and developed patterns and products for companies such as Clinique, Macy’s, Dwellstudio and more. In 2013 Kimberly was honored to have four of her wallpapers acquired by the Brooklyn Museum for their decorative arts permanent collection. Besides being a designer Kimberly has a passion for teaching and mentoring and is always excited to share the knowledge she has picked up from being a business owner, social media enthusiast and design professional.


Considering you started your business before the mainstream resurgence of wallpaper in modern design, how did you come to the decision to design wallpaper?

I studied industrial design in college and I found myself applying patterns to all of my 3D objects. I ended up taking a silkscreening elective and the industrial designer in me found myself wanting to print some sort of product instead of an art piece.  I’ve always been drawn to decorative arts and it was quite literally a blending of all of my interests and passions at the time.


With wallpaper on the rise in today’s design aesthetic what do you see is the future of it as a product? 

What uses and unique applications for wallpaper do you see coming to the forefront? Customization is huge. With digital printing now it is so easy to make custom one off designs for one off spaces.


Starting out as a small boutique studio, how did you get started promoting your line?

I didn’t have much money to play with when I launched. I spent the majority of my marketing budget on the tiniest booth at ICFF and made my connections the old fashioned way, face to face. I took the rest of my marketing to the internet. I made most of my first business connections through Twitter as Instagram was just gearing up around that time.


What are your top three tips for small design entrepreneurs to promote and market their businesses and products?

1) Consistency is key. Get in front of your clients consistently and with a consistent brand story  2) Dive deep into who your client is, the more you know their wants and needs the more you can tailor your products to them. 3) Work on developing grit and a thick skin. It may look pretty on the outside but for every win there are lots of bumps in the road and you’ll need to weather them.


How did Instagram in particular help you grow your business? 

Instagram has been amazing for meeting new clients, potential showrooms, even people in the industry. The connections alone have really helped me grow tremendously.


During your Soft Design Lab webinar on October 19 on using Instagram what can attendees expect to take away to build their own audience? 

Attendees will learn not only how to whip their instagram feed into shape but most importantly build trust with potential clients while showcasing their products or services.


What is next for your business?

I am currently working on licensing my patterns for various other products. I am also working and developing  a new product but my lips are sealed!


with Kimberly Lewis

Are you fumbling around Instagram without a clear plan to use it to grow your business?  We hear the stories of Instagram success but how can we capture some of that for ourselves?

Join social media expert  and powerful self promoter Kimberly Lewis as she dives deep into the mysterious waters of Instagram.  Learn how to use this powerful visual platform to showcase your design work, engage users and build brand awareness. This webinar will cover everything from creating curated content, developing a hashtag strategy, connecting with your community in an effect way to build brand loyalty and much more. We will build a solid foundation and equip you with tips and strategies to catapult your business in front of an engaged audience that can’t wait to delve into your design work.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 12:00 EST – 9:00 PST 


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