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What Every Designer Needs to Transform the Soft Side of their Business

Soft Design Lab is an online think tank and creative community dedicated to the specific needs of designers and manufacturers who work in the soft furnishings space.  We’ll open up a whole new world of ideas, inspiration, and skills so you can flourish as a soft furnishings design pro.

Soft Design Lab founders, Jackie Von Tobel and Deb Barrett share a lifelong passion for design and together they have been influencing the soft design industry for over two decades.  Now they are teaming up to bring their expertise directly to you to educate, inform and inspire your soft point of view.

Soft furnishings not only bring a room to life, but they comprise fifty percent of everything we design and sell to our customers, yet most of us lack the detailed education necessary to confidently  design these profitable products.  At Soft Design Lab, we take soft furnishings seriously. We’ll marry inspiration with information and education to give you all of the tools and skills necessary to master the art of soft furnishing design with our exclusive live events, online and on demand learning, case studies and reports.

If you’re designing, selling or fabricating soft furnishings, Soft Design Lab is the “go-to” destination for:

  •  Education
  •  Design Inspiration
  •  Trend Forecasting
  •  Industry Information
  •  Product Resources and Information

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