20 Nov

Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

With only a week until the big day we thought you could use some quick & easy Thanksgiving table setting ideas.  Exercise your creativity and use the resources you have on hand to put some of these lovely ideas into action to create a beautiful table for your family.

First up is the star of the event your table centerpiece.


We love these bare tree branches because they are dramatic yet you can still see the person on the other side of the table and they don’t interfere with the conversation.


Your produce drawer is full of beautiful colors and texture that you can arrange into a lovely centerpiece.  Throw in some paper leaves or other decorations and you are ready to go.


These colors are so rich and they are a nice break from the traditional color motifs of the season.  Who says it has to be orange and brown?



When all else fails go with gold!



This simple idea is a new twist on the classic orange studded with cloves.  Just think of the creative designs you can quickly carve into your citrus and there is the added plus of that great smell.


Raw wood rules supreme this year with these simple log cuts arranged in a tiered display topped with mason jar candles.



Place Cards set the mood for a more formal affair and give your guests a sense of belonging.  There are many easy ideas that you can throw together to make them all feel at home.


Small log cuts with a groove sawn into the top make cute place card holders.



Larger log cuts can serve as dramatic chargers.


The lowly walnut can serve as a quick name holder in a pinch.  Spray them with metallic paint or glitter to dress them up.


Put those Fall leaves to good use as place setters.


Candles light the room and add warmth and a sense of calm to your table as well.  Avoid scented candles that will clash with the wonderful aromas of your dinner.


Jute string secures these mini pilgrim corn cobs around a simple glass votive.  Add a strip of sticky tape around the jar to be sure everything stays in place,



Burlap ribbon has a million and one uses at  this time of year.



More pilgrim corn around a large candle



Fresh vegetables are a nice addition to any table.



Fruit illuminated in water is both beautiful and aromatic.



Hollow out small pumpkins and gourds for votives at each place setting or as a grouping in the center of the table.



Use those leftover apples that Grandma didn’t put into the pie to hold some tapers.  If you don’t have fancy candle spikes just bore a hole in the center of each apple for the candle.



Small twigs can be hot glues to the side of small votives for a rustic charm.


Table Runners are an easy way to dress your table .  Here are a few fun ideas for DIY projects.


Fall leaves are great if you’ve got them.



If you are like me and live in an area where the leaves don’t turn then improvise with stencils or stamps.



Burlap by the yard makes a great runner.  I love the way they tied the end here.


Upholstery strapping can be woven into runners or individual place mats.


Put that left over trim or ribbon to use to embellish your runners, place mats, or napkins.


The bottom line is that we are all very busy and sometimes the holidays can sneak up on us but with a little imagination you can put together a lovely table for your family.  Just don’t take it too seriously and have fun with it.  At the end of the day it’s really about giving thanks and enjoying  our family and friends and no one will remember if your table was set perfectly.

Wishing you and yours a fantastic Thanksgiving!




04 Nov



I am so happy to announce a special event in partnership with Little Dresses For Africa to be held at the IWCE -Vision15  Expo in Las Vegas January 20-22.

We are reaching out to attendees and members of the soft furnishings community to participate in this worthwhile dress drive by sewing little dresses or donating fabric and bias tape  for orphans and children in need in Africa.  Learn more about the charity in this short video clip or by visiting their website at  www.littledressesforafrica.com


The instruction sheet for a simple pillow case dress is available for download on the LDFA site HERE


This dress style is easy to construct, adjustable and grows with the child.  Both small medium and large girls sizes are needed as well as teen sizes.  You can use standard and king pillow cases or make up your own from excess fabric.  Embellish them any way you like and create a dress that a lucky little girl will love.

This short instructional video for making a pillow case dress is by Annie Selke.

Bring your finished dresses and any supplies you’d like to donate with you to the IWCE-Vision Expo in Las Vegas.

We will have a very special  display wall dedicated to the event where you can write a note to the recipient of each dress and then hang your dresses up to be displayed on the show floor.  Make as many as you can – there can never be too many of these important dresses and we want to show off our industries sewing skills.



The Construction Zone will also be holding a  SEW-A-THON each day of the Expo at 4:30 pm where volunteers can sew little dresses to add the total to be donated.  Our goal is to sew as many dresses as possible during the show, so if you can’t sew any dresses before the Expo you can volunteer at the Construction Zone to sew some on sight.  They will be using your donated fabrics and bias tape on these dresses sewn at the show.

Thank you to the Studio of Drapery & Fabrication Arts for helping us organize this fun and inspiring event.


If you are not going to make it to Las Vegas in January you can ship your dresses to us here and we will display them for you.  Please ship to arrive no later than January 5, 2015 to:

Little Dresses For Africa   –  2301 Norway Maple St   –   Las Vegas, NV   89117

After the show we will ship all of the finished dresses and donated supplies to the Little Dresses For Africa home base.

If you participate please download this button and display it on your website, blog and Facebook page.  Also please share this post with your sewing friends, groups, and associations so we can get the word out about this event with plenty of time for everyone to start sewing.


 Thanks for sewing your Little Dresses and I will see you all in Vegas!


 This event is proudly sponsored by Helser Brothers Inc.