12 Oct


High Point Market

Upholstered Furnishings

We are happy to bring you the second installment of our High Point Market Hit List, a directory of our go-to manufacturers of upholstered furnishings.    We’re taking the guess work out of planning your trip to market.

The manufacturers listed in this directory offer upholstered furnishings at tiered pricing levels and each has their own policies and restrictions.    Some questions you should ask them are:

What are their pricing levels?  Stocking dealer vs. designer net?

Is there a buy-in fee?

Are they “designer friendly?”

How many stocking dealers do they have in your area?

What are their shipping policies?

Check out these great manufacturers and when they ask you how you found them just say;

Soft Design Lab sent me!

If you can’t make it to High Point Market this year you can use this directory to source these great products online. Use the High Point Market Exhibitor Directory to look up their website addresses.

Have fun and remember to tell them that

Soft Design Lab sent you!